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Creates and capitalize on viewer purchase intent and offers consistently high click through rates. Connect the products in your video with their marketplace.

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Video tagging with the online video tool takes minutes. Just paste in a URL and then drag and drop tags on the video timeline. No video hosting cost! No uploading is required!

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Empower your marketing campaign by making your video content indexable by search engines, and your video tags shareable. Reach more viewers and drive organic traffic while improving your video SEO.

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Video tagging takes minutes. Choose any Vimeo, Brightcove or Youtube video and start tagging. The Mad Video's online video tool is quick and easy to use. No download required!


The Mad Video’s platform has enabled us to pinpoint the moments in our videos that feature our products and tag them with links to the product pages, making it easy for viewers to see our products.

Jose María Fernández Ortega Internet Director for El Corte Inglés